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Welcome to my website. Hear you can listen to some of my music and read a little about my background


The Dragon is Out

Avaible on all platforms.

Listen here


Nature Boy

 Solo Jazz Guitar 


A Day in the Life

Acoustic solo guitar 


Ballad of the Sad Young Men

New Single Out from the coming album The Dragon 


Angel Eyes

Solo on Acoustic Baritone Guitar

My new single Gudbjoerg is out 



New Single out, click here


My new project The Dragon, with Niels Vincentz, Torben Bjørnskov and Anders Mogensen.  I’m very  exited to share these new tunes for the audience. The first single will be released in 15. February.


My solo Album Indigo 

Julens Tone

Music for winter and christmas

Single ude 6. oktober (1)


Dreams  with Jesper Riis, Torben Bjørnskov and Lars Wagner. Listen to Dreams here

Chasing the Hawk

Album with the amazing Tomas Franck on sax, Peter Hansen on bass and Morten Lund on drums.


Records with

Billy Cobham, Tom Harrell, Morten Grønvad, Jesper Riis, Jørgen Emborg Septet, Ensemble NEW, Hans Henrik Bay Trio


Tom Harrell, Billy Hart, Billy Cobham, James Moody, Jukkis Outtila, Jonas Johansen, Tomas Franck, Jørgen Emborg, Teitur, Jesper Riis, Jens Winther, Thomas Hass, 



Contact Me

Have any questions , send me a message!